Thursday, January 19, 2012

Weekly posts

I've decided that weekly posts may be a better fit for PepperMilk and I.  I get so bogged down in the idea of daily posts that I just don't do it at all.  I think it will be easier for me to keep up and feel good about it if I'm doing it once a week.  All you bloggers out there - what do you do to keep your posts fresh AND frequent?

I posted the first week of lunches over on PepperMilk's Facebook   Now for the rest that we've had so far.  It's really a pretty small number of lunches.  With the long MLK Day weekend we had a bit of a bento break.

First up is actually a Mom lunch!  I made a fantastic veggie quiche with leeks, mushrooms and spinach for dinner the night before.  The recipe was a hybrid of several that I found online but it's really pretty basic.  The crust, though, was a miracle!  I found this super easy crust method/recipe and just made 2 batches to cover my pan.  The crust was sweet and "buttery" and actually felt flaky when you cut into it.  Despite insisting that it was disgusting, Monstro polished off a rather large piece during dinner and picked up all the little crust bits left behind.  I packed up a left over slice along with grape tomatoes, carrots and 1/2 of a pretzel roll.  The pretzel roll ended up as a snack before lunch.  Apparently my breakfast was a bit lacking that morning!

Monstro LOVES to make sandwiches.  And I love helping grow his confidence in the kitchen by letting him!  He's got 1/2 of a seckle pear (they're sooo cute!) topped with a blueberry and a flower pick and a blueberry tower in his top tier.  The lower tier has a sandwich of his own creation (spicy mustard, ham, turkey on french bread) with some blanched green beans, broccoli, a radish mouse (no tail) and a few bits of honey-chili sweet potatoes.  For some reason Monstro claims that he doesn't like radishes even though every time a mouse or mushroom appears in his lunch it's the first thing he eats.  Hmmmm.....

The Monstro got to take my LunchBot Eco because he wanted a bread "butt."  Doesn't it hilariously look like a little bottom?!  And it's not a sandwich - it's just bread.  This kid is a serious carbo-loader!  He will ask for bread pretty much any time of the day or night.  His protein choice was cheese so he's got some extra-sharp cheddar squares, broccoli, carrots, blanched green beans, grape tomatoes and an adorable little squirrel filled with boiled squash seeds.  Again, something he'll eat any time.  He even runs out of his room at night just to grab a handful and run back to bed!  Weird kid!

Mmm pizza!  This is made with no-knead bread dough.  We use this recipe ridiculously often but rarely make bread with it.  It's almost always pizza, calzones or "fry bread."  This particular batch was made by the hubby and since he didn't sub in any whole-wheat flour it was extra tender.  The pizzas have roasted red pepper sauce, cheese and mushrooms or spinach chiffonade.  Each one was only about 3inches across but I cut them anyway so it'd be easier for Monstro to take them out of the box and eat.  He's also got some carrots and a little radish mouse eyeballing the pizza!

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