Sunday, January 8, 2012

Fried rice

I love fried rice for lunch.  I actually think most fried rice tastes better "cold" than when it's all hot and fresh.  Monstro isn't as die hard as I am but he tends to like the mixed up goodies in fried rice.  Unfortunately, he was upset with me for only sending 1 thing.  I tried to explain that it has everything he'd normally eat but all mixed up together.  He wasn't buying. 

For this version I used refrigerator brown rice, carrots, red onion and chikuwa cut into small rings.  The sauce was soy sauce, Bragg's, and teriyaki-miso sauce dumped in during the last few minutes to get all toasty and sweet.  I criss-crossed a few strips of red pepper for color and to add another veggie.

I used the other 1/2 of the rice to make fried rice for myself with the kimchee I put up last week.  It was really good; a little lactic, very garlicy and so spicy!  You can see the pic on the Peppermilk facebook page!

Just for kicks... here's the turnip green and carrot kimchee getting ready to ferment...

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