Monday, January 9, 2012

Turkish feast

We ate dinner at Turkuaz Cafe and Monstro had considerable leftovers.  He insists on the kebab even though it's way more food than he could manage.  I think he's afraid he won't get the flaky pita if he tries something else!  We took his extras home as well as an order of Baklava to go.  I'm no expert on Baklava but my mom used to make it quite a bit and we've tried it at a few places here and this is the best we've had.  It's not as sweet as some and it's a little syrupy.  Anyway, to lunch!

The bottom tier is, of course, Baklava!  Apparently every kid in the whole school gets dessert in their lunches every day.  I am such a horribly neglectful mother that I only give him dessert every now and then.  I hope this makes up for the tragedy!

Up top we have a little chopped baby spinach with ranch dressing in the penguin.  Next to that is the real star- ajvar beans, rice and coban all mixed together and topped with beef kebab. 

As you can imagine, this bento was practically licked clean when it came home!

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  1. Turkuaz Cafe is amazing for anyone who has never been.