Sunday, September 18, 2011

Yay for free veggies!!

Saturday morning Monstro and I went to Hilltop Gardens to harvest his garden plot from summer camp.  When we got there we were told we could take whatever we wanted so we went bananas!  Of course, lots of the goodies ended up in lunches for Monday and more will show up through the week!

For Monday morning I have to be at work when Monstro is just getting up for school.  So both my and his lunches are ready to go tonight to save time in the morning.  I don't do this often because I like to be able to change my mind about what goes in depending on how we're feeling in the morning.  But, tonight it just had to be done!

We both have mostly the same things - good for saving time and my brain power!  It didn't save enough brain power because I forgot to add his scarlet runner beans.  Oops!

Here's what we'll be eating Monday afternoon:

From our Hilltop adventure we have pattypan squash (in that amazing gratin on the left of each lunch), cucumbers, red tomatoes, yellow tomatoes and that awesome rainbow bell pepper!

Here's a link to the pattypan gratin that we've both got!  I used just mozzarella and a local Parmesan - no cheddar.

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