Friday, September 16, 2011


I've been encouraged to blog about Bento and share our lunches.  I resisted for a while because there are dozens upon dozens of Bento blogs out there who do things, I feel, much better than I do.

My philosophy on Bento is pretty simple:  if it looks good, they'll eat it!

I don't think anyone needs to spend an hour making lunches for children or themselves (although I do love to look at the ones who do!) but I think that giving just a little extra attention to detail makes everyone feel special and loved. 

I love making Bento as a way to be creative and to show my son how much I care.  Not just in the addition of heart shaped cucumbers or sandwiches with smiles but in the balance of nutritious foods and naturally vivid colors used.  I also feel like it's a good unspoken lesson being "green" when we're not using things that get thrown away each meal.

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