Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Halloween already?!?

Yep, at our house it's Halloween time as soon as Target starts packing up the Back To School section.  That's when Monstro starts asking every day when they'll have "pushy guys" - those horrible, noisy, electronic Halloween decorations.  It becomes his personal Holy Grail to find the newest, coolest (aka loudest) pushy guys each year.  He collects plastic skulls and hanging bats.  We usually have his Halloween costume planned by the second week of September.  It's kind of awesome really :D

So, since he's ready, I'm ready.  Halloween theme bentos commence today!  It's a very simple lunch and not very pretty.  But it will be yummy and filling and that little spider is too cute!  Monstro wanted chili for dinner last night so when I made the cornbread I made 2 spider muffins so he could have them in his lunch to kick off the Halloween lunch bonanza. 

Today he has left over chili and a spider corn muffin with black beans.  I was pretty excited when it came out of the oven and the beans had settled into wonky little eyes!

I think I'm going to make a thermos sleeve so I can change the look of the thermos for different lunches.  "Spring Flowers Hello Kitty" just doesn't feel right with the spider! ;-)

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