Thursday, September 22, 2011

Who loves Halloween? We do! We do!

Even though I didn't have to work until the afternoon I was super excited to get started on this lunch the night before.  Monstro asked for a "Cool Lunch" (aka Lunchables) and I told him that I'd make him a Mommy Love Cool Lunch.  So he picked out the crackers (reduced fat Wheat Thins?!?!  Weird!), cookies, meat and cheese.  He even got to be a smarty-pants and prove to me that some Lunchables do indeed come with Oreos.  Then I let him pick out what shape the meat and cheese would be cut.  He chose the question marks which made it a little challenging to fit the Halloween theme in there!  But!  I did it!

  A creepy Horned Owl hoots on top of his pile of beans (black and pinto mixed).  I just free-handed the shape with a knife and added cheese wings and a nori face.  The tomato looked like a tiny fall gourd so I put that in and after I took the picture I remembered that we have scarlet runner beans that are a very Halloween-y shade of purple so I added those in too.  I stamped the "WHO" out of cheese and added it to a section of green pepper from our trip to Hilltop Gardens.  The little monkey is filled with pineapple.  His crackers and his Oreo (in a Trick-or-Treat cupcake cup of course!) are in the top mesh part of a sandwich box.

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