Friday, September 23, 2011

Double Halloween Bento

I feel like today is a bento fail day :-(  I wasn't particularly inspired, had some malfunctions and the lack of light in my kitchen made for some pretty sad pictures.  *sigh*  Oh well, it was still a Halloween extravaganza!

Monstro asked for chili again so we've got a repeat - chili and spider cornbread.  I took a sock from the dollar bin at Target and cut the foot off to make the thermos Halloween-y.  Other than being able to see through it up close I think it works pretty well!  I tried to carve an orange Jack O Lantern but when I was scooping out the orange pulp I scraped right through the skin!  Wooops!  So I made him a cyclops but I think it's pretty obvious he was an accident - wahwah.  I gave him the rest of the green pepper left over from yesterday and some carrots.

Then I made my own lunch.  It's a turkey sandwich with sliced tomato and a TON of spring salad mix!  I took a piece of turkey (leftovers from the "Cool Lunch") and cut out a spooky cat.  But that pinky color looks kinda.... well, gross.  At least it tasted good!  I also had a plum prune, a spider filled with carrots and a skull n crossbones cupcake pick of pepperjack cheese cubes.  It was all tucked into my Lunchbots Eco.

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