Thursday, October 13, 2011


Monstro LOOOOVES spicy food.  It always makes me chuckle because it shocks so many people.  Once at the grocery he asked for a sample of jalapeno popper and the woman was like "Oh, you wouldn't like that, it's spicy!"  Of course he threw it back and wanted more!

So today's lunch has a few nice n spicy bits.  His bat shaped quesadillas are stuffed with pickled jalapeno (2 of them!!), colby cheese and shredded chicken.  Then he has some apple bunnies, grapes, cucumbers and pickled beets.  The pickled beets have a mysterious, tiny purple pepper we picked up at the farmers market.  Then there's homemade chocolate pudding on the side.  I don't know which he loves more - spicy or chocolatey!

I had the same quesadilla for breakfast and it was so good!  I'm pretty sure that we gave Monstro fire-breathing DNA!  We're both big fans of all things hot and I'm glad we can share with the little one!

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