Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fleshless Friday?!?

We don't always hit up the "Meatless Monday" but we try to eat vegetarian meals a few times a week.  On Friday Monstro and I had vegan lunches!

At the Asian market I picked up a rather large tub of yellow curry paste.  It's amazing!  It's pretty darn spicy but it's also massively flavorful!  I've used it more than a dozen times and have 1/2 of the container left - not bad for $5.

This batch had red potatoes, carrots, mushrooms and chickpeas.  I wanted to add some sliced broccoli stems but was afraid it would make the whole dish taste like broccoli.  Have you tried something similar?  How'd you like it?

Monstro has the curry over brown basmati rice.  In the other container there are 2 scoops of butternut squash with cinnamon and a spider cup of grapes topped with 2 tiny yellow pear tomatoes from our "garden."

For myself we have more rice and curry in my LunchBots Eco and on the side I have a scoop of butternut squash with cinnamon, grapes and 2 apple slices.  I felt like the curry looked a little too "bleh" so I topped it with a few red pepper slices and some green onions.  Surprisingly, even with the liquid-y curry the box didn't leak.  I was pretty careful with it but I've had it leak in the past so I was VERY happy that I didn't have to clean curry sauce out of my lunch bag!

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