Monday, October 10, 2011

Kiddo made

This morning Monstro made his own lunch.  Well, part of it anyway.  He made his own sandwich and I packed up the rest.  I let him make his own sandwich for the first time a few months ago and you would've thought it was the raddest thing ever!  He wanted to eat sandwiches for every meal.  He insisted on making sandwiches for me and dad.  I think he even claimed to be "the world's best sandwich maker" and started calling his creations "famous."  I guess when you're 6 everything is cooler!

So, in the Hello Kitty sandwich bag he has a whole wheat, turkey and colby sandwich.  On the left he has pickled beets and wavy-cut cucumber.  The tiny box has homemade chocolate pudding with homemade whipped cream.  The bottom box has raisins, spicy pumpkin seeds and a couple of sweet chili Quakes.

My lunch is packed in my trusty LunchBots Eco.  Again, I was surprised how well things stayed separated.  I'm getting to be more and more of a fan of this box the more I use it. 

I've got a whole wheat, turkey, colby and cucumber sandwich plus cucumber (left from making Monstro's lunch), pickled beets and some left over asparagus.  I stuck a few "spooky" picks in to help keep the bread from sliding into my cucumbers and getting all wet.

The beets... even if you think you don't like beets (I did) you should try this recipe!  It's AMAZING!  I mean, it's Martha Stewart so how can you go wrong?  Plus, it's fast and delicious.  Monstro asks for them if I go too long between batches and he even wanted them as part of his birthday party buffet 2yrs ago.  And it's really fun to see what sorts of patterns have grown inside the beets when you slice them.  Buy the beets with the greens attached.  They taste like what you probably want spinach to taste like even though it never does!

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