Tuesday, December 27, 2011

All Things For Sale Giveaway - punches and cutters oh my....

All Things For Sale is giving away a sweet set of nori and cheese/ham cutters!  Just head over there and follow the link to Facebook to like them and enter.  They have giveaways pretty often so liking them could pay off! ;-)

Here's a mom lunch to tide you over until the Monstro lunch onslaught hits....

I used bread dough, cheeseball and Christmas ham to make a bit of a calzone.  Santa left me some very awesome bento supplies that HAPPEN to be from from All Things For Sale so I used one of the punches to put that cute face on my pie.  Then I have spring mix salad, grape tomatoes and a little dish of sweet-n-spicy squash puree topped with dried cranberries.  I'm not sure why blogger is turning pictures again... hopefully they'll have that worked out soon!

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