Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Fourth of July in December

Since it's been so cold and dreary I decided that Monstro needed a little beach action in his lunch.  We accidentally spent too much time snuggling so it turned out more Jersey Shore than Miami Beach.  One thing I was really excited about was the chance to use my little fishie embossing stamp.

On the top tier we have mushroom hummus, stelline pasta and apple bunnies.  Aren't the ears of the far left guy fantastically curly?  I love him!  For the bottom I created a little ocean/beach scene.  There's brown rice and a strip of nori.  The nori has seahorses cut out of it and the little fish embossed across the open areas.  I made a "Mutant Squid-Dog" in the microwave and let it rise from the murky depths.  On the little island of rice on the far right is a happy little bunny just waiting to be devoured by the evil squid-dog.

Another thing that was fun about this box (even though it's a bit sloppy) was making the hotdog rabbit.  I've seen the punches online but I loved figuring out how to do all of the punches with just a knife!  If you'd like to see how I do them, I've got sketches that are pretty easy to follow.  Just drop a comment and I'll post them.

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