Monday, March 5, 2012

Mr. Oinkers and his buddy Drain

I had so much fun making today's lunches!  We just bought a Ninja Pulse so while the boys were drinking up green smoothies I was able to have some fun.  The idea for Mr. Oinkers actually came pretty much by surprise.  I was cutting eyes from kamaboko and the resulting "tree" looked like a pig nose!  Score!

Monstro has a pita sandwich filled with spicy mustard, a slice of cajun turkey and colby-jack cheese.  Mr. Oinkers' nose, eyes and ears are all made from kamaboko with nori punches for the pupils and small bits of spaghetti to hold on the ears.  I giggled when I uploaded the pictures because I hadn't noticed that Mr. Oinkers has a little beauty mark!  I tucked in some sliced cucumber and sugar snap peas but Monstro said it wouldn't be enough so I gave him a "sidecar" filled with bits of other veggies - purple cauliflower, orange pepper, plus more cucumber and snap peas.

Here's Mr. Oinkers in all his glory ;-)

And here's the full lunch:

For myself, I ran with the kamaboko eyes on a pita sandwich idea and Drain was born.  He's a vampire.... see his tiny little cheese fangs hanging out?

I used nori punches on top of whole slices of kamaboko then turned the nori mouth upside down for a nose.  My sandwich is spicy mustard, cajun turkey, colby-jack and pepperoni.  I've also got snap peas, orange peppers and cucumbers in my lunch.  My husband said that he looks very sad... I kind of agree... a mopey little vampire dude. (for the record, I tried to find an "Edward Cullen" photo to link there)

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