Monday, March 5, 2012

Goodies again...

Here are two more lunches that test out my new supplies.  I'm so excited about all of the things I got and I'm having a hard time restraining myself so that Monstro doesn't end up with just ludicrous lunches (stamped hotdogs AND bunny ham rolls??!?)!

The first of this set is the soy wrap.  They come in natural colors and I've seen them in colors besides the ones that come in this particular set.  I posted Monstro's Leap Day lunch over on the PepperMilk FB but I think it deserves a nod here as well.  I was beyond happy with how the little frog turned out.  The soy paper was a little hard to wrestle with to be honest.  I cut it in 1/2 because I didn't want a big wad of it bunched up on the back side of the onigiri.  I had to keep making my rice ball smaller and smaller and I never really got the back to stick to itself.  It looks cute though!  The rest of the lunch is meatballs, enoki, carrots, kamaboko twists and a little cup of Indian Rice Pudding.  The adorable cherry stem pick also came out of my bento spree!

The next little gadget was the set of sausage stamps.  Of course, here hot dogs are much easier to find and use than the little sausages I see in Asian bento so that's what I used them for.  I cut a hot dog into thirds and made one into a cat face and the other 2 bits I randomly stamped with hearts, music notes and spirals.  Unfortunately, the spirals and music notes ended up being too close to nicks in the hotdog and they just exploded into nothingness when I cooked them!  So all you get to see is kittyface and hearts.  The instructions are not in English but I gleaned that you should pan fry the hot dogs.  I tried boiling them like a critter and it worked a little bit but once I tossed them into a skillet with a smidge of oil the stamps really started to show up.  You just have to keep turning and moving them so they get evenly browned around the stamped images.

I also added in a little Octo-dog pick that was part of my birthday gift too.  There are orange peppers, avocado, a Hawaiian sweet roll and purple cauliflower in the bottom tier of the box.  On the top tier Monstro has Indian Rice Pudding, orange segments and some Black Pepper Cherry trail mix.

I still have more goodies to get to!  YAY!

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