Monday, February 27, 2012

Happy Birthday to ME!

My birthday was this month and my birthday gift was a bento gear shopping spree!  My goodies arrived today and I am so excited to start using them!  I've got so much fun new stuff to use I'm having brain-melt.  Of course I want to use all of them in Monstro's lunch tomorrow but I think that'd be a bit on the overkill side.

I bought everything from All Things For Sale and it arrived pretty quickly.  Here's my haul (it's dark so the pictures aren't the bestest):

Everything is so awesome, I don't even know which I'm most excited for!  I'm hoping the soy wraps go over well with Monstro.  Since he can't have artificial colors it can be hard to make a REALLY fun lunch and I think the colors in these wraps will be a great "pick me up" in his bento.  Oh, I also have to add that the sausage stamp set comes in a little acrylic box with a lid to keep them all together.  I'm really glad that All Things For Sale is stocking more kits like these.  They just posted the most amazing panda onigiri kit so that's at the top of my list for my next order.


  1. Wow, love ur loots. Great idea, I shd ask for a bento spree on my bday. :)

    1. Everyone should ask for a bento spree! ;-) I had a lot of fun picking things I wouldn't normally buy for myself if I was spending "real money" lol