Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving ...giving....giving...giving...

We're only a little 3 family at our house but every Thanksgiving I cook like I'm with my extended family (2 siblings, 5 aunts/uncles and uncountable cousins).  It really is a genetic trait.  My family sees food as love so the more the better, right?!

Needless to say, that 14# turkey has given us leftovers for ages.  I haven't been to the grocery because I know that having non-leftovers in the house will tempt us into letting those delicious treats rot away into moldy messes.  When I asked Monstro what he wanted for his first lunch back from Thanksgiving break he said "Sushi!"  HAHAHA of course!  I was surprised when he came up with the Thanksgiving Sushi combo...turkey, carrot and cranberries!   What a smart kid! 

Before I get into the lunch details I'll apologize for the poor quality picture.  We're still having some technical difficulties so I have to use my phone to take pictures. 

I made seasoned rice and let it cool while I toasted the nori and cut up the carrots.  For sushi I just use the ribbons made by my veggie peeler.  I layered on the rice, carrots in a little platform to protect from the cranberry juices, and hunks of white meat turkey.  Then I smushed some cranberries (from stove-top cranberry sauce) and added them on top.  I rolled the whole deal and he loved it!  I made a second type without the cranberries but with Okonomiyaki sauce.  I usually eat the butts as a "test" (*wink*) and they were really good!

I also gave him some peas with salt n pepper and some walnuts from the freezer.  He ate everything but 1 sushibutt because the nori was too chewy on that piece.  I was very happy because leading up to Thanksgiving break he hadn't been eating very well.  I should've known sushi was the answer!

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